Boxer Anthracite M-PLUS


47,19 €

Boxer Anthracite M-PLUS

The articles from the MPLUS range contain COOL Therm PCM 28. Due to the increase of the body temperature, the microcapsules adhered to the fabric change their state from being an absorbed solid and can reduceT body temperature by up to 3 degrees.

Based on the experience of the MARINA M2 gama, in the MPLUS we reach the same levels of comfort and stretchability, managing to pass all the tests required by the FIA Standard 8856-2018 regulations.

The MPLUS series fabric is unique in its market segment, it has 16% elastane in its composition to ensure a perfect fit to the body and avoid friction between clothing and skin.
Made with ultra-flat seams and its Slim design, it is a high-performance garment that guarantees permanent flame-retardant protection.

Nota: For hygiene reasons, underwear cannot be returned.